When we GROW up: Exploring career possibilities with Sophia's!

­Let your little one explore their career possibilities with Sophia’s! With so many outfits and accessories to choose from this is a great way for your child to find their lifelong passion.


If your little one’s mind wanders among the clouds, push them to reach for the stars! Part of the “Shoot for the Moon” career collection and Creative Child’s 2019 Toy of the Year award winner, the Smithsonian Astronaut Set features a white satin Smithsonian space suit and astronaut accessories that provide hours of endless educational fun playing pretend as an outer space explorer.

Smithsonian Astronaut Set


There’s no telling what you could find when you take a journey into the past as a Paleontologist. The Smithsonian Paleontologist Set brings all the tools for fun including a dinosaur map to find the hidden treasures and a mallet, pick and brush to dig them up!


There is no greater kindness than taking care of someone else. Foster that passion with Sophia’s play sets. Our Doctor Scrubs and Lab Coat Set features a white lab coat and pink scrubs, so your doll looks the part while Medical Bag Accessories Set featuring x-rays, a stethoscope, and a clipboard with a medical form provides your doll with the tools they need to succeed. For those bigger accidents this complete Recovery Set features a wheelchair, cast, and crutches so your patient has everything they need to get better.


Maybe, your child’s love is more focused on animals. Being a veterinarian is an exciting opportunity to interact with many exotic species and provide love to those wonderful creatures. This Smithsonian Veterinarian Set includes all the tools to take care of your furry or scaly friends like a scrub set, x-rays, and a medical intake form. For those vets on the go, the  Puppy Dog and Pet Vet Set features a carrier to fit all your medical needs like bandages, otoscope, adoption certificate, and even a recovery cone!

Vet Smithsonian Outfit

Rock Star:

Maybe your child wants to see their name in lights! Take center stage with our Guitar and Mic Set. The set includes a 4-string guitar with strap, standing microphone, flower shaped sunglasses and a sticker sheet. Before going onstage remember to glam up your rock ‘n roller for the big show with colorful and fun hair clips with either straight or curly hair extensions.


If creepy critters excite your child’s scientific mind, nurture their creativity with the Smithsonian Biologist Play Set. This playset has all the necessities for a budding scientist including a lab coat, safety goggles, pipette, tweezers, large petri dish, small petri dish, magnifying glass and much more.

Pastry Chef/ Baker:

Imagine all the sweet possibilities your little ones can create as a Pastry Chef? Cakes, scones, pies, and a new love for the craft can be nurtured with this Baking Accessory Set which includes a baking tray, measuring cups and all the other baking necessities a professional may need. After taking your treats out of the oven, show off your masterpieces with this Dessert and Display Set and gather all your friends around to enjoy!

Sophia's Baking Set


If your child is all about hairdos, glamorous nails, and makeup, give them the accessories they need to master their skills as a cosmetologist! Dolls are the perfect customers to practice one while they sit patiently in this quilted Salon Chair with adjustable height. Watch as they transform their doll into a beauty queen with the Hair Salon Set which comes complete with a salon cape, foam curlers, hair accessories, pretend hairdryer and so much more!

If your little ones lean towards athletics, be sure to check out our Sophia's Sports Activities Blog!

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