Sports and Activities for Your Little Ones and their Dolls!

We all know exercise is important. It strengthens our bodies, reduces stress, improves mental health, and helps us sleep better, but it also builds confidence and can even generate new friendships! Whether your little one is already a star athlete, or they need a little encouragement, Sophia’s by Teamson Kids has a sports set to get them pumped up.

GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAL! Two dolls can play a competitive game of soccer with Sophia’s soccer uniforms. The shimmering hot pink jersey comes complete with short, socks, shin guard, small soccer ball and realistic cleats! A purple version includes a #1 jersey, shorts, soccer ball and black soccer cleats. Sophia’s goal net, field and soccer ball set create an official tournament experience for their favorite dolls.

Sophia's soccer uniforms

If team sports don’t interest your little one, they might find cruising on wheels more thrilling! Our skateboard set features a palm tree print on the top and a beautiful sunset scene on the bottom perfect for ollies and kickflips. The purple mini scooter set is a stylish and exciting way for dolls to get around. And since we believe in safety first, each set includes a helmet to keep their cherished dolls safe.

Make a big splash! Water sports are a great way to move your whole body with minimum impact. Sophia’s selection of bathing suits feature floral designs, fun colors and a variety of accessories from grass hula skirts to pool floats perfect for a day in the sun. Looking for something more extreme? Grab your surf board, suit up your Sophia’s doll in this surf shirt and floral swim trunks and you’re ready to take on the biggest waves.

Sophia's boy swim trunks

Some kids simply can’t help but dance when they hear music; the best part is you can do it anywhere, and it instantly elevates your mood. Sophia’s has endless dance sets including ballet warm up or recital costumes with leg warmers and tutus, jazz leotards with tap shoes, even a gymnastics set. So, turn up the music, enjoy some creative movement and score that perfect 10!

Cold weather brings its own excitement and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t love a snow-day. Kids don’t seem to be bothered by the cold, or even realize they are exercising each time they hike back up a hill to race down again on sleds. Your little one can relive those magical winter days all year long while role playing with their dolls. Sophia’s offer many winter ensembles, including our popular snow tubing set which features a detailed inflatable inner tube, vest, hat, and mittens! For ski and snowboarders, our purple ikat print snow pants set will make your little one’s doll the most fashionable one on the slopes. And for the après-ski activities, our pink print parka set with fur boots and polar bear hat are sure to keep dolls warm and cozy.

Sophia's Ski set

Remember to keep the competition friendly and motivate your child so that sports, and exercise in general, are a fun and rewarding activity. Lead by example to show that practicing helps, but we all have our limits, and we can’t compare ourselves to others. Let your child explore different activities until they find one that makes them happy!

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