6 Design Tips to Create the Ultimate Dad Cave

Fatherhood is an experience like none other.

From being a point of security and safety to being a source of inspiration and enthusiasm for your little one, exactly how you embrace the title “dad” is up to you. 

While there is no single narrative for the dads out there, there is one pillar of parenthood that remains the same: nothing beats quality time spent with your children

From the moment you welcome your newborn into the world to saying your final goodbye before they set forth onto new adventures, you are their biggest superhero. While the superhero status doesn’t fade when your child steps into adulthood, the moments leading up to this transition are extra special. 

So soak it all up. 

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in all things fatherhood is to create a space that is tailored to both your personal interests and your family. At Teamson, we like to call this the ultimate dad cave

In celebration of Father’s Day, we are sharing 6 tips to help you build the dad cave of your dreams. 


1. Lean into the word cave.

Whether your dad cave is to come to life in a spare bedroom, the basement or even the garage, you can channel the homey and restful style of the “traditional” dad cave in any room. Our secret? 


When you first piece together the overarching design of this room, be sure to incorporate lighting into the mix. Nestle floor lamps and table lamps throughout the space so that you have control over how bright and how muted your dad cave is. 

Teamson Floor lamp with Faux Marble Table Black Shade and Black Finish Legs

Hanging out with your children and playing games? Maybe turn on all of the lamps to transform the room into a lively space. Hanging out solo and watching a sports event? Maybe turn on just one lamp to tone down the energy to feel right at home. 


2. Ensure there is room for more than one. 

Dads, you deserve a space of your own. However, the ultimate dad cave is just that -- a space for you to enjoy both time alone and time spent with your children, significant others and friends. 

Make sure that your room is suitable for each of these situations. This requires seating. 


Chester Armchair - Gray

Once you find the couch that speaks to your style and comfort, start your search for side chairs that compliment your larger pieces of furniture. Doing so will not only tie together the entire room, but will leave adequate space for others to join in on the fun. 


3. All of your favorites, but keep them tucked away. 

Your dad cave should be home to all of your favorite things. Whether you are a sports fanatic, wine connoisseur, bookworm or board game champion, know when to showcase your novelties and when to tuck them away. 

To keep any space feeling fresh and clean (yes, even a dad cave), you need storage. 

Versanora - Andrew TV stand wooden cabinet 52 inch, Walnut / Dark brown metal finish

Invest in storage solutions that are on par with your design, provide just enough room to store away your toys and that are multi-purpose.



4. Make your dad cave suited for work and play. 

There is no formula for being a dad, and what constitutes fatherhood is unique to each and every father. 

If you are a working dad, finding the balance between work and play is essential. Your dad cave is the perfect place for this balance to come to life. 

So find a cozy cranny in your cave for a home office desk. Whether you are looking for a desk that has plenty of storage space or a desk that is more simple and sleek, Teamson has you covered. 


5. Step up your TV game. 

A TV is an essential part of any dad cave...

… and any good TV deserves a good TV stand. 

Find a TV stand that is both storage and a statement piece. Teamson’s most eye-catching stands offer impeccable design and warmth. 

And when we say warmth, we mean fire.


Lainey 54" Fireplace TV Stand with 18" Insert - Black

 Take your dad cave to the next level with a TV stand that doubles as a fireplace. 


6. Kid-friendly for the win. 

The difference between a dude cave and a dad cave is in the name. 

All parents deserve to have peaceful moments alone… your wellbeing is important. However, being a dad is a full-time job and the time you spend with your children is irreplaceable. 

So it is important that your dad cave is compatible with both pieces of the parenthood puzzle -- personal time and family time. Create a cave that invites sports entertainment and playtime alike. With the right furniture in place, achieving the best of both worlds is easy. 

Start with a coffee table. While this is a foundational piece of furniture for many rooms, the right coffee table in your dad cave can be as much of a surface for your feet or your beer as it is a space for crafts, silly games and shenanigans with your children. 


Hide 'n Seek Canvas Play Tent - White/Blue


More so than coffee tables, if you are looking for a dad cave that truly embraces all that fatherhood is, make some room for your children’s toys or even a play tent. During the day, your dad cave can be an imaginative playground for your little ones. Once the kids are tucked in bed and the night rolls around, you can get on with the kid-free activities that you enjoy most. 

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