Transforming Ordinary Spaces into Storage Solutions

When you look around your home, do you see underutilized storage space? Forgotten nooks that can be transformed into organizational spaces that could declutter your life and boost your home's functionality. Untapped storage spaces that could turn into something truly valuable with a little imagination - and that could also be a decorative addition to your home. 

We've come up with five different areas in typical homes that are often overlooked and untouched, and we have decorative storage solutions that just may fit those areas. To initiate this project requires some creative thinking and strategic placement. First, take precise measurements of the intended space and the furniture that you want to use. Will this require a piece with a small footprint, or are you looking to fill an open space? Next, consider how people move through these spaces. Picture yourself moving through your home - these storage solutions should enhance your daily rhythm, not disrupt it. 

With those two essentials in mind, here are a handful of underutilized spaces in a home that could be converted with the addition of storage furniture. 


A Freestanding Cabinet in a Hallway

Avery Freestanding Linen Cabinet in Oiled Oak

An addition that keeps items out of sight, but close at hand, a freestanding cabinet can be tall and narrow fitting between a pair of doorways, or a shorter one styled with a house plant or picture frames on top. This cabinet can serve as an auxiliary linen cabinet or a place to store flashlights, batteries, and extra charging cords. Stash board games and art supplies in this dedicated spot, or decorative items like seasonal trimmings and vases.

The Avery Freestanding Linen Tower features a pair of open shelves, a storage drawer, and a cabinet below. The slender silhouette provides a variety of storage options for different items. 


A Sideboard in an Entryway

Teamson Home Brooklyn Sideboard in Brown Acacia finish

Aesthetically, a sideboard can be a decorative focal point and break up empty walls. It can serve as a "landing zone" for purses, keys, and backpacks while storing seasonal items such as gloves, hats, and umbrellas inside. Tuck pet leashes and doggie bags inside, too. It is also perfect for a table lamp for a brighter entryway or a place to hang a mirror to check your hair before heading out.

The Brooklyn Sideboard features cabinets on both ends and a set of three drawers in the middle to help organize as well as store different items. 


Wall Cabinets in Laundry Rooms or Mudrooms

Delaney Two-Door Removable Wall Cabinet in White

Make use of unused wall space above washers and dryers with wall cabinets, decluttering a normally smaller space in homes. Organize detergents, fabric softeners, and stain removers while keeping them out of reach of children. A memorable place to store a clothing iron, steamer, or sewing kit for minor repairs and missing buttons.

The Delaney Two-Door Removable Wall Cabinet's tempered-glass paneled doors with cathedral-style wire detail add warmth and charm. This cabinet can brighten the room, making it feel larger.


Add a Sideboard or Bookcase behind a Couch

An often large, unused space, the area behind the sofa is ideal to maximize floor space while adding depth and dimension to the room. If your living room opens into another space, like a dining room or hallway, a bookcase or sideboard can create a subtle separation, defining the living area and adding a sense of privacy. Be sure to choose a bookcase or sideboard that complements the scale and style of your couch and living room. 

Utilize Space Underneath an Open Stairwell

Florence Freestanding Corner Floor Cabinet in White

Often an awkward, underutilized space, a freestanding cabinet can fill this void, providing valuable storage space. Use the surface to highlight decorative objects, photos, artwork, or keepsakes to add personality and visual interest. Carefully filling the space under the stairs adds visual weight and balance to the overall design of your living area, preventing the staircase from appearing too dominant. Be sure to consider how easily you'll be able to access the cabinet, and whether any additional lighting is necessary.

The Florence Freestanding Corner Floor Cabinet is specifically designed to fit snugly into often-wasted corner space without sacrificing valuable floor space.


Embracing a little creative thinking and strategic placement, you can transform those forgotten corners and nooks into functional and decorative gems that elevate your home's style and functionality. Remember, the key lies in taking precise measurements, considering traffic flow, and choosing furniture pieces that complement your existing decor and lifestyle. 

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