Too many toys? 4 Tips for Finding the Best Toy Storage Furniture

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, your child may be spending more of their playtime inside than ever before. Without the outdoors and plenty of room to run and play, your child’s imagination is limited to the walls of your home. This isn’t to say that your child’s imagination is compromised, rather, it just means that they will be dependent on toys that are interactive and creativity-provoking! 


With the holiday season behind us, chances are your child accumulated new toys that accommodate their indoor adventurous side. However, just because your child has an impressive selection of toys to play with, doesn’t mean that their play space has to be a mess. 


The key to keeping your child engaged, explorative, and entertained by their wonderland of toys, while keeping your home in order, is finding a sound storage solution


You want pieces of furniture that offer ample storage space for all sizes of toys, that have a colorful and welcoming appeal, and that are well-crafted so that they can be with your child for years to come. 


With so many storage options out there, it can be challenging to know what set up is best for your home. Consider these 4 tips from a seasoned parent on how to pick the ultimate storage solution. 



Above all, you want to ensure that the storage furniture for your child’s play space is of high-quality. Wood-crafted furniture is always the best place to start due to its incomparable sturdiness, long-lasting qualities, and safe structure. This way, no matter how your child’s selection of toys evolves, you can guarantee a durable place to store them away. 



You also want to consider design as you search for toy storage options. Look for designs that are colorful and inviting. This will brighten up your child’s play area and create a fun, imaginative space for your little one’s creative side to run free. 



When you are looking for a sound storage solution for your child’s collection of toys, it is important to consider the amount of storage that is offered by the furniture, in addition to its style. If you are looking for a piece of furniture to house small toys and nicknack-like items, you may prefer something that comes with multiple small to medium size bins. On the other hand, if you are looking for a piece of furniture to store bulky toys, something that comes with larger bins or a chest may suit your needs better. Additionally, you need to decide whether you would prefer an open-faced or closed piece of furniture. Open-faced storage consists of open bins without tops or lids. This makes for easy access for your little one. A closed piece of furniture will reduce access, but keep things looking sharp, clean, and organized! 



Potentially the most helpful tip to consider as you search for a solid storage solution is to look for furniture that is multi-purpose! A toy chest or single shelf drawer cubby are fantastic examples of multi-purpose furniture that provide both ample storage space and a place for your child to sit and play, allowing you to maximize your child’s play area.

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