Throwing The Perfect Outdoor Summer Party

Start planning early

Spontaneity can be awesome, but the secret to a great party is thorough planning. Between the kids’ summer camp, vacation trips, and family reunions, your regular crew may be busy this summer. If you give guests advance notice, they are more likely to respond, and they can let you know if they’ll be able to make it or not. It will also give you time to plan all the details, including sending invitations (and collecting RSVPs), planning a theme if necessary, and give it’ll your guests time to prepare for the party as well.


Have a backup plan

We all hope for great weather on our party day, but any outdoor event ideas should include options in case of rain. Some things you can do are move the party indoors, provide a tent or shelter for the party, or offer a rain date. If thunderstorms and rain invite themselves to your party, adopt the Boy Scout’s motto and be prepared!


Make sure you have plenty of seating

Sure, we all want our guests to mingle and have fun, but make sure you offer plenty of seating options so your guests can relax as well. They will also appreciate a place to sit down and enjoy all the delicious food you will be offering. You can rent additional seating if you don’t think you have enough. Be strategic in your layout by creating multiple areas where your guests can gather. Group chairs close together throughout your party space to encourage conversation. Also, younger guests will love having  kid-friendly sitting options!


Entertain the kids and kids-at-heart!

If children are attending, make sure you can keep them busy. Adults are usually more than happy to entertain themselves by chatting, eating, and drinking, but your outdoor party ideas should also include activities for younger guests. Parents will thank you and will be more able to enjoy their evening without worrying about their little ones. Depending on the age of your guests, classic options include bubbles, chalk, water games, lawn games, etc. We are willing to bet that more than one adult will join in on the fun!


Be prepared for the heat

Sunshine makes a summer party magical, but it can also take a toll your guests, especially babies, young children, and the elderly. Remember to provide plenty of water and refreshments, even if most of your guests are adults. layout the party with welcoming shaded areas, as well as a cool place inside to relax, if the day is particularly hot. Hand fans can be cute and functional party favors, and a sunscreen station will also be more than welcome!


Plan your menu accordingly

Good food makes for a good party. You need to plan more meticulously for open air eating than a sit-down dinner in the comfort of your dining room. The food is likely to be outside for a while, which could quickly become a health hazard in the summer. Therefore, make-your-own stations and barbecues are popular options for this season. If you will be serving food that could go bad in the heat pass it around, rather than letting it sit on the buffet table. Also, don’t forget to ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions, before the party, to make sure everybody will have something to eat.


Don’t forget the décor

The natural beauty of the season will be doing most of the work for you, so don’t overthink your decorations unless you have a specific theme for the event. In many cases, fresh flowers and lighting are all you will need to decorate your space. If your event takes place in the evening, you can use your lighting as the main décor element. Fairy lights, solar lanterns, and garden stakes will add a whimsical feel to your party at night while also illuminating the space so guests can see where they’re going, and also locate the food!


Keep critters at bay!

You won’t be the only ones enjoying the party. Your event will likely attract some unwelcome guests such as wasps and mosquitoes eager to investigate your buffet, and get a taste of your guests… Some things you can do are spray the yard before the party, burn some citronella candles in the evening and prepare a station with an abundance of bug spray to repel party pests!

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