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Tasteful Toys with Teamson Kids


It’s always a win-win when large toys or play sets are beautifully designed and can actually contribute to the decor of a room rather than becoming an eye sore! I first discovered Teamson Kids’ creations while putting together my children’s gift guides this past holiday season. They carry an extensive range of beautifully painted wooden children’s furniture, play kitchens, play tables, toys, and other whimsical creations! Their children’s line is designed to bring joy into the home with quality pieces that encourage learning and discovery. They are beautifully crafted, safe, and stylish.

We chose their adorable bakery setwooden kitchen mixer, and wooden produce set. The bakery comes with a shop stand, dessert cart, and 18 cakes, cookies and pastries! The children have had the best time playing pretend – Peter can’t stop talking about his “shop.” Over the weekend we set it up with real flowers and pastries from a local bakery and Peter accepted coins into his piggy bank in exchange for his shop goods! The set is just adorable and looks so cute in the nursery.

I’m including a few photos below of our setup as well as a roundup of all of my favorite pieces from Teamson Kids!

The Teamson Team has kindly provided a code (SAMANTHA20) that you can use for 20% off their entire site.

Varvel Image 1
Kitchen Accessories
Varvel Image 3
Shop my Teamson Kids picks:
Varvel Teamson Picks 1 - Play Kitchens
Varvel Teamson Picks 2 - Kitchen Accessories
Varvel Teamson Picks 3 - Play Kitchens, Dollhouse
Varvel Teamson Picks 4 - Kitchen Accessories, Bookcases
Varvel Teamson Picks 5 - Kids Chairs, Tables, Bookcases Thank you to Teamson Kids for sponsoring this post!
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