Summer Graduation Gift Guide For All Ages

June is synonymous with day trips to the beach and ice cream stops, but also with graduation parties that can take over your entire weekend. Cash is often a welcome graduation gift, but if you are on the hunt for something a little bit more personal, we have put together the ultimate gift guide for graduates of all ages.

Preschool and kindergarten graduates

The littlest grads also deserve to be recognized as they take their first steps into the world of academia. There is no need to go overboard when it comes to our youngest grads, but you can still mark the occasion with an age-appropriate gift.

With the months of summer vacation looming, it’s best to be proactive by finding presents that will both celebrate the achievements of the past year and prepare them for weeks of inactivity. Age-appropriate books are a great option for these youngsters! Encourage their love for reading early on, and you’ll set them up for a lifetime of learning, imagination and creative thinking.

Toys that encourage their imagination, such as doll accessories and doll houses, will also be welcome gifts because they will keep little ones entertained for hours without any screens needed, even on the occasional rainy day or when it is too hot to play outside.


Elementary school graduates

Elementary school grads probably have a good idea of what they would like for a graduation gift. To ensure your present will be well received, don’t hesitate to ask what they’re into these days, but you don’t need to limit yourself to themed presents.

Keep them entertained with STEM-inspired gifts like coding toys, which will keep both their hands and minds active. Subscription boxes are also a popular gift for elementary aged children. Many offer boxes for different age ranges to match your little graduate’s skills as best as possible and they’re a perfect way to put the skills learned during the school year to good use.

Pretend play is another great option. Play kitchens are a great way to foster an interest in cooking without requiring adult supervision. While costumes will allow them to live out their astronaut or ballet dancer (or both!) dreams for the day. Material for crafts like painting, pottery, etc. also make great gifts.


Middle school graduates

When middle schoolers graduate chances are high that they are either embarking on a summer of socializing, or honing their skills. They’re probably serious about taking advantage of the weeks between middle school and high school to have as much fun as possible, while also preparing for the next chapter in their academic career. If you want to please a high schooler-to-be, ask them if they need anything for summer camp or if they would like anything for high school.

Tech gifts, from a new camera to a smartwatch or upgrading their cellphone are probably high on the list too. After all, former middle schoolers are yearning to be taken seriously and to gain some independence. However, before purchasing in a shiny new screen device, ask the parents what their technology-usage policy is.


High school graduates

The end of high school marks a new phase in your grad’s life. For many new graduates, it is time to fly the coop for the shiny new world of dorm rooms and far-away colleges. Cash is king – there are all those college loans to think about after all – but high school grads will also appreciate anything that will help them prepare for their life away from home.

Chances are there will be plenty of big box furniture in their future, so don’t hesitate to help them personalize their dorm room with something distinct from everyone else on their floor. Table lamps and accent chairs are both easily packable, useful, and a fun décor element that will help the new grad their new room away from home.


College graduates

Look at them, all grown up… It seems like just yesterday they were graduating from kindergarten. College graduation is a huge event for the entire family. After many years of hard work, new grads are about to head off to new horizons. Some of them may be setting out to embark on a new career, while others are ready to go on that trip of a lifetime they have been talking about and saving up for years.

An appropriate way to mark the occasion is by giving them a present that they can use for many years to come. Personalizing your first home or apartment after years of roommates and dorm-living is a big deal and something that many new grads are dreaming about. A unique and functional piece of furniture that they may not be ready to splurge on, but are certainly longing for, will always be a welcome gift!

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