Feeling a sense of limbo around back-to-school? You’re not alone! With so much uncertainty in the air, parents of school-aged children are getting more creative than ever, faced with “reimagining education” so our kids don’t feel a sense of limbo, too. Whether they literally go back to the classroom or school is strictly online, be sure they have everything they need.

Color Palette & Theme. At Teamson Kids, “boring” is not in our vocabulary. From Sunny Safari to Magic Garden and more, each theme-based collection of high-quality furniture is meticulously painted with vibrant, mood-lifting color stories that keep them smiling while sparking their imagination. COLOR THEIR WORLD

Desks. In addition to appropriate kid-sized comfort, children like having their own special place for establishing pride and ownership. A desk designed just for them works to nurture self-confidence and independence while limiting distractions to allow for healthy homework habits. SET THEM UP

Bookshelves & Storage. Say no to clutter! When they have just the right furniture for putting things away, clean-up time is almost as fun as playtime with colorful, adorable pieces that teach them a sense of organization. INSPIRE NEATNESS

Lighting. Shed light on learning and creative endeavors while keeping the kiddos focused and alert. Brighten up your child’s learning nook with a smart choice from our cute collection of impeccably crafted lamps. ILLUMINATE LEARNING 

Clocks. Teaching your kids how to tell time not only stimulates cognitive development, reasoning skills, and independence but instills a sense of responsibility around school work and chores. TEACH THEM WELL

When it comes to back-to-school, Teamson Kids has your back so you can have theirs! In addition to the basics above, you’ll also discover easels, growth charts, step stools and much more—all designed with a commitment to excellence, so that your little ones have everything they need to excel, for this school year and beyond.

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