Product Spotlight: Arquer Lamps

Here at Teamson, we take pride in our expertly crafted, stylish, high quality furniture and lighting. Lighting is an important aspect of interior design as it enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambiance of a living space. Stylish, bold, and practical, Arquer lamps enhance your lighting situation by acting as a stand-in for an overhead or pendant lamp. You don’t have to be limited to centering your furniture below existing light fixtures and, if you decide to reorganize, just move your stunning arched floor lamp and you’re good!

Chic Simplicity

Arquer lamps make it easy to bring chic simplicity into your home while providing an excellent light source from above. Coming in a variety of colors and finishes, these modern lighting designs have a rounded lampshade that floats effortlessly above couches, tables, desks, foyers, and more. The Arquer Collection embodies the phrase “where form meets function”; they look like art, but don’t come with the hefty price-tag you might expect. A floor switch (instead of a pull-string or generic hand switch) on the heavy marble base allows for easy access while also enhancing the minimalist style, sturdy and unobstructed by hardware. It’s no wonder that Arquer is one of Teamson's most popular styles for modern and fashionable consumers.

Colors and Finishes

Whenever we design a new product at Teamson, we study aesthetics and trends in interior design so that we can offer up-to-the-minute solutions for your mic-century modern home.  Our Metallic Arquer lamps range includes chrome, gold and rose gold. For a more subdued look, go for the latest finishes: Matte Black or Antique Brass. 

Expert Advice from Our Design Team – How to Style Different Rooms in Your Home with Arquer Lamps  Expert Advice from Our Design Team – How to Style Different Rooms in Your Home with Arquer Lamps 

Dining Room:  It’s a common dilemma- you move into a new apartment or home only to find an old, ugly ceiling fan in your dining room, or even worse, no lighting at all!  Does this mean you'll never have a sophisticated setting for all those cocktail parties and game nights you plan to throw with friends and family?  Not at all. With its long, curved neck, your Arquer floor lamp can easily be positioned so the shade hangs directly over your table.   With superior lighting, not only will you be able to see that beautiful charcuterie board that you had to share on Instagram before it was served, but you and your guests will also be glowing in all the photos that you take. No rewiring or hole-drilling required…. ditch the ceiling fan, plug in your Arquer Lamp, step on the floor switch, and you're ready to serve that extravagant charcuterie board while creating radiant memories. 

Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix grey with gold!  If you have grey wall paint in your dining room, it is easy to add a touch of elegance by adding gold fixtures. Start with a gold floor lamp and accessorize with metallic gold trays, picture frames, glassware and décor. 

Living Room:  Also known as the family room, the living room is a place to relax, read, and watch Netflix of course.  It’s also a place in the home where we tend to see the most personality, with coffee table books, family photos, and heirlooms are often found. As a central location in your home, the living room is a true reflection of who you are as an individual or family.  The striking, slim silhouette of the Arquer collection provides ample but diffused ambient light, and the lamp looks just as good when it's not turned on.  Arquer lamps look great positioned over the corner of a sectional couch, or situated to the side of your comfortable sofa. 

Tip: Take advantage of an empty corner space!  An isolated armchair suddenly becomes a cozy reading nook when you add a floor lamp with overhead lighting.  Use your Arquer Lamp to create a calm spot that’s perfect for curling up with a best-seller. The best-selling  Chrome Arquer Lamp is a neutral solution that matches many styles and color stories. 

Home Office: The workplace is changing, with more people working from home than ever before. It’s clearly become increasingly important to have a home office from which you can conduct business, be productive, and be inspired.  Office lighting can affect our productivity, and poor lighting can cause eye strain!  So, we know that lighting is important as a necessity, but lighting aesthetics also have their advantages, by creating an environment that motivates and improves your overall mood. 

Tip:  Brass adds an antique vibe even in the most modern settings. Add sophistication to your #WorkFromHome Space by adding this old-fashioned element, which is found in our ⦁ Antique Brass⦁ Arquer Floor Lamp.  

Bedroom: This is your personal space! If you’re doing your makeup and getting ready in your room, you absolutely understand how important good lighting in the bedroom is.  What about when you are looking for a good outfit in your closet- once again, lighting is key.  Sometimes the bedside table lamps and vanity mirror simply just don’t cut it, while many floor lamps have poor lighting or remind you of your college dorm room (remember those multi-shade, five color floor lamps?)

Tip: Add a soft rosy glow to your bedroom with our Rose Gold Arquer Lamp. Rose Gold is the perfect combination of luster, class, and warmth. This popular tone is modern, yet timeless, and can easily complement any bedroom color palette.

Collection Story: The Arquer collection of floor lamps from Versanora provides a modern twist to an essential home fixture. With all the essential functionality of a standard floor lamp, the style of these pieces is anything but basic. The unique curve of the lampstand allows the large, bell-like lampshade to hang in the air, appearing to defy gravity as it provides subtle style and illumination to any room. Inspired by classic styles and the artwork of the postmodern era, these floor lamps were designed for the modern home, where space is limited and functionality is essential. The curved design allows the lamps to fit into almost any corner, and the convenient floor switch allows the lamps to be operated with just a touch of your foot. With the lamps from the Arquer collection, your space will shine with a beautiful, contemporary style. We hope this Product Spotlight has given you some ideas and inspiration for incorporating Arc- Shaped Floor Lamps into your modern home décor.

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