“Mirror Mirror on The Wall” – Top 5 Disney Princess Inspired Kids Vanities


Whether it’s Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella – we’ve all dreamed of being a real-life princess, even just for a day.

Our fairy-tale-inspired kids vanity sets can help bring that fantasy to life, providing a place for make-believe, dress-up and play.

Our vanities are made using high-quality, durable wood and besides play – our kids dressing table sets are also great for neatly storing accessories and little trinkets.

Which style will your little one choose to be? Let’s finds out!

Frozen-Inspired Kids Vanity with Matching Stool

This wintry kid’s dressing table is perfect for creating a Frozen-inspired magical space for your child, right at home.

Painted in a cool blue with an ice castle design – it’s the perfect for turning your little one into a winter princess.

This vanity set also features a discreet clock feature, making it the perfect way to learn about time in a fun and engaging way.

Easy to assemble, its compact design makes it great for enjoying in big or small spaces.

Swan-Lake Dress-Up Wooden Vanity with Matching Stool

Help your little one become a prima-ballerina for the day with our Swan-Lake inspired kid’s vanity table with mirror and stool.

With a swan motif flanking the mirror and pink ballerina slipper design featured throughout, it’s the perfect place for your little dancer to get ready.

The pull-out draw is the ideal place for them to store their hair accessories, ballet slippers or other little trinkets.

Bring this vanity home and make their playroom the most exciting room in the house.

Princess Castle Vanity Dressing Table with Matching Stool

Every princess needs a castle! Look no further than this renascence castle kid’s dressing table!

With gold crown draw handle, pink pillars, faux turrets & windows, your child will feel like a real princess while getting ready.

The stool is a perfect match and features a sturdy and secure place for little ones to get ready for their pretend royal party.

Complete with matching clock, your child will never be late to the ball!




Rapunzel Inspired Pink and White Vanity with Matching Stool

If the princess with the most famous locks had a vanity we think it would have looked like this one. So much so that we named one of our best selling vanities the Rapunzel.

Constructed of durable wood and plexiglass with easy-to-clean surfaces for long-lasting use and easy upkeep. Clean and functional design will fit in any bedroom or playroom. 

Pink and Grey Rapunzel Kids Play Vanity with matching stool. Fantasy Fields by Teamson kids

Princess & The Frog-Inspired Vanity with Matching Stool 

With beautiful hand-painted frog and flower motif, this kid’s vanity table is guaranteed to bring out your littles one’s inner princess!

Constructed with high-quality hand-carved wood, it’s long-lasting and guaranteed to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play.

Ornate features on the vanity and stool legs help create a playful, fantasy-feel for your child.

Give your little one the gift of being a princess every day at home.

 Little girl pretending to blow dry her hair in front of her pink vanity with matching stool

Ready to make your little one a princess? We’ve got you covered.

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