Maximize Your Space with Teamson

Living in a tight space can feel constricting and cluttered. With all the items we accumulate over the years and not to mention kidspets, and life in general, it’s no wonder we find ourselves stumbling over toys and wayward items. If clearing out or donating items just wasn’t enough, maximize your space with these unique and pragmatic storage ideas. 

Kids Room: 

We want our kids to have it all, but we don’t want it all, all over the floor. From toys, clothes, and books their things can find themselves in the most unlikely of places.  

A pile of books on the floor serves no purpose. Bookcases are the perfect place to store and organize bedtime stories, while keeping them within reach of little readers. With wonderful themes to pick from like Magic Garden and Outer Space you’ll be able to find something to fit your little one’s interests.

Outer Space Bookcases


Now, do we even need to say it? Toys, toys, and more TOYS. More than likely all over the floor, living room, kitchen, study – everywhere! Take control of your home with these awesome kid’s storage units that make clean up time easy, like the Fire Fighter Toy Chest or Enchanted Woodland Toy Chest.

Woodland Toy Chest Bathroom: 

Why is it that one of the rooms we use the most is also relatively the smallest of the house? Where are we to put all the extra towels, cleaning products and toiletries while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing room? Impress your guests and hide the clutter with these space saving storage solutions! This Dawson Over-the-Toilet Cabinet allows you to maximize your storage without obstructing your space. Don’t know where to put the extra linens? This sleek Glancy Tower Cabinet is your solution!

Bathroom Storage


Living Room: 

The living room is the quintessential place for family and friends to congregate, but if you find yourself lunging over kid’s toys, laundry piles, or decorative pillows check out some of our favorite fixes. 

Take back your space. This Lainey TV stand’s multipurpose functions give you a surface for your TV, storage for your media entertainment and best of all, warm ambiance with the built-in fireplace! Need even more storage space? This Versailles style free-standing Connor Cabinet is the perfect storage solution to elegantly enhance your living space.

TV storage


Dining Room: 

The dining room may not have the most space, but that’s something we can work with. This Cairo Sideboard has the capacity to store fancy and rarely used utensils and cloth napkins. If that’s still too big we’re sure you can always find a nook for the Glancy Wooden Corner Floor Cabinet. 

Cairo Sideboard

 Let us know about your favorite Teamson storage units and the unique ways you organize and display them in your home. Design happy.