Let There Be Light!

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Let there be light!

Here at Teamson we are going to SHINE some light on our top tips for bringing light into your home to create a warm and welcoming environment.
From floor lamps, table lamps, or creating feature lighting by using pendant lighting solutions, we have the advice for you and how to make your house a home this season.

For Smaller Rooms

When looking at how to light a room, it's often best to start with the size of your room. Lighting solutions for a small room will need a completely different approach compared to a larger room. Light evokes warmth, comfortable state of mind, and adversely it can create a stark intense atmosphere. Getting the balance right is crucial.
When dressing a small room, you actually have a few options! For example, our floor lamps draw the eye up, so it gives the room the sense of height and can be positioned at the back or over a sofa which helps with maximizing the space.

Arquer Arc Curved Floor Lamp

Achieve a unique and stylish look with its smooth curves and mid century-modern style.
Perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with a book!
Complete with foot switch, marble effect base and bell shade.
Teamson Arquer Floor Lamp

Romanza Tripod Floor Lamp

Add a sense of sophistication to your home with this on trend Floor Lamp!
With versatile lighting options – it’s perfect for reading or to add a soft glow to the room!
Plus, it’s also available as a table lamp to create the full lighting atmosphere.
Teamson Romanza Lamp

State it with a Table Lamp

Equally small table lights are perfect for creating mood and warmth. Table lamps are an ideal way to dress a room, an accessory to side tables, or shelves already in the room. Moreover, table lamps really create ambiance which can help to uplift any mood or stresses of the day.

Ayden Table Lamp

Bring a touch of class to your indoor space with this luxurious decorative table lamp.
Suitable for your lounge, living room, bedroom or even home office!
The contrast from the black and rose gold defuses the light to create dramatic lighting and a more intimate ambience.
Featuring a touch switch allows you to easily adjust the light intensity.
Teamson Ayden Table Lamp

Sarah Table Lamp

A contemporary teardrop design with a smooth finish and flawless structure.
Crafted with sturdy metal base in polished brass steel finish and white fabric lamp shade.
Touch switch base allows you to easily illuminate and adjust the luminous intensity for your personal space.
Sarah Table Lamp

Be Dramatic with a Pendant Light 

When is comes to being dramatic, there’s nothing like a pendant light. Much as its name pendant lights date back from the 1950’s and were inspired by jewelry makers. However, the first time a pendant light was used dates back as early as ancient Greece. They are stylish and can create an abundance of light.

Armonia Pendent Light

Provides more than just light – combines style and functionality.
Exposed bulb with geometric styling!
Suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and bathrooms.
Armonia Pendant Lighting

Stile Metal Pendant Light

A stand out pendent light with the contrasting black and copper detailing.
Provides a warm rose-gold glow whether hung alone or in a cluster.
Adds a touch of elegance to your room.
Stile Pendant Lights

Top Tips

A top tip from our Home Design Team is, to always consider the function of the room. What will the space be used for: Cooking? Watching television? Doing homework? In the dining room, an overhead chandelier with a dimmer works best.
If you’re using track lighting, be sure not to shine the light directly into the faces of guests around your table. Kitchen lighting is more complex.
Pinpoint your work areas and light them directly. “Ideally, lights should be below your eye level,” says interior designer Andrew Galuppi.” Set up task lights under the stove range or cabinets to light countertops.”
Teamson Lighting Tips
In living rooms, use a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and down-lights (recessed or track lighting). “Here the lighting should be part of the decor,” says Galuppi. Bathrooms are trickier.
Some say to go the clinical route—the brighter the better—especially at the vanity. But others prefer a softer glow from dimmable sconces.
Compromise and incorporate both with the addition of candles. “Candlelight helps you unwind while you soak in the bath,” says Galuppi. Master bedrooms should feature good reading lights at the bed and desk, and a task light for getting dressed. Any overhead lighting should be fit with a dimmer.
Teamson Lighting Solutions