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Playroom Decor + Tips

When we purchased this home we really wanted a space for the boys to play and have a good time just being kids. With so much transition over the past few years, we felt like they truly deserved it. I committed to really pouring into the playroom to make a fun area just for them.

I wanted to share a brand with you that I love, Teamson. The Teamson family of brands has so much to offer (furniture for kids and adults, kitchen playsets, doll furniture and accessories). Their Fantasy Fields brand has the perfect furniture for our children’s playroom. We partnered with Teamson to add pieces that helped complete the boys playroom.

We love their Fantasy Fields brand!  We received their Outer Space line, and the boys love it! Technology can be overpowering and leave the boys only in the zone of playing on their iPads or video games (i.e. Fortnite…and then more Fortnite!).  It sometimes can be like pulling out teeth to get them to put these items down.

With that, I was motivated to start building up their playroom to make a fun haven for them where they think of their video games a bit less.  My thought was if the playroom is fun and inviting they would want to come in and play with their toys!

I hear so many mothers that struggle with the same issue of technology devices overpowering everything else.  I wanted to share a few ways we have been working to decrease the amount of technology.

  1. Limit Technology Time – When the boys are done they are done. I understand the amount of time you give your child will vary. We have also shut down Fortnite (a time-consuming video game) during the week. He cannot see it until the weekend. We have set parental controls and have been diligent with sticking with this.
  2. Be more hands-on with activity time. – We were getting the “I’m bored” conversation way too much. So while I do have the boys play independently, I have also been more intentional with assigning them fun projects to do. Whether that is doing a complex puzzle or making slime. When they had an actual thought-out activity it made them think of technology less.
  3. Make a fun space – This was key when we made a space they loved to just be kids and play in. While they still love to sit underneath Rick and I, we find they are more often than not playing in their room. Our playroom makeover was a great way to entice them to use their imaginations and unplug.

Creating a revitalized playroom space with Fantasy Fields was a great way to give our home a refresh and provide the boys with a new inspiring place to play.  A win for the kids and a win for us!


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