Influencer Spotlight: Julie From The Girl In The Red Shoes

Moms and Dads – you know the moment well. One day, you walk into your “baby’s” nursery and realize they’re too big for their crib, and they no longer need their changing table or rocker. As sad as it might be for us parents, transitioning your big (little) kid to their own room can be fun! Julie from The Girl in the Red Shoes blog talks us through how she made sure her little girl had the most special room for the transition.



Big, big, news around our house! Our sweet three year old, Sadie, has a big girl room! Finally! We recently transitioned Sadie out of her crib and in to a big kid bunk bed with Hudson. I know, I know….it took us long enough! But my sweet girl never once complained about sleeping in her cozy crib…but now she LOVES being a big kid in a big bed!

Sadie sleeps in Hudson’s room at night, but still has all of her stuff in her bedroom. In order to make her feel like she still has a pretty room of her own, and as a reward for sleeping all night, I got her a pretty pink bed and some amazing and super fun accessories and toys! The look on her face when she saw all of her surprises was priceless! And of course little sister was pretty excited too! Because whatever is Sadie’s is Belle’s too. At least that’s how it works in this little sister’s life. She’s ALL ABOUT sharing fun stuff the big kids get! Look at that face! She was thrilled!

I ordered Sadie this adorable DRESS UP UNIT by TEAMSON KIDS to store all of her princess dresses….and she flipped out! It’s so pretty and cute! It’s the perfect addition to her pink room and I love how it coordinates with her bedding.

Both girls love playing dress-up, so they are thrilled to have all of their dresses, shoes, and accessories, out of the closet and displayed where they can see them. Sadie and Belle immediately put on some dresses and got to playing! Sadie loves to check herself out in the mirror on the side, and Belle loved hanging necklaces and bracelets on the hooks on the opposite side. The excitement was contagious! The girls play so well together! Watching them play is my favorite thing! And I know they will build so many memories in this pink bedroom together.

To make Sadie’s room even more amazing and “her” I knew I had to include a special area for her dolls! Ever since becoming a big sister, Sadie has LOVED taking care of her baby dolls. So I thought it was about time to upgrade her doll accessories. I found the cutest BUNK BEDHIGH CHAIR, and TABLE AND CHAIRS for her dollies at Teamson brand OLIVIA’S LITTLE WORLD! Sadie had to rock each baby to sleep. Melt my heart! OLIVIA’S LITTLE WORLD makes the cutest selection of accessories designed for 16”-18” dolls. There are so many adorable designs and selections to choose from. I had the hardest time picking!

Belle might have been the most excited about this adorable doll furniture. She loves babies even more than big sister. And I’m so glad I captured her feeding her doll in this high chair. Such a little mama already! The girls could play like this for hours. I’m so glad they are making these memories….but they are memories for me too. Growing up I didn’t have a sister to play with, and I always wanted one. It’s so fun to live my dream through these girls. I hope they always love each other and enjoy being with one another. These beautiful doll accessories were designed to last! I love how sturdy they are because my girls can play rough! I especially love that the pieces are beautifully styled….so the girls love them and I love that they coordinate so well in our house!

I love that the TEAMSON brand is inspiring kids to dream big through creative play! I have such fond memories of playing with my dolls and playing dress up with friends. I know these girls will have beautiful memories of many hours spent playing together.

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