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Hello Friends,

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on creating an enjoyable outdoor space for our family and few things came to mind that I knew we would need to make this space come to life. We have such a great backyard and a nice paver patio, but we’ve never invested in outdoor furniture. The only thing we had was a dining table. With summer approaching, I wanted our family to be able to enjoy the long summer nights and have a cozy and inviting outdoor living space.

I recently purchased a conversational set, revamped two wicker lounge chairs that we had in our grass area, added an outdoor rug and a few decor pieces (flowers/outdoor lamp/pillows), but what made our patio feel even more special is our concrete wood-burning fire pit from Teamson. The whole family is really enjoying it, and the kids want us to make s’mores every night. This fire pit is definitely taking us out of the ordinary routine, even though we are at home. It is beautifully designed, very simple and just lots of fun. 

It comes with a spark screen that helps protecting from getting burned and a grilling grate if you are up for some barbecue. How cool is that?  You also have the option to use charcoal or wood for burning. If you are looking for something easy to clean, small but enough to allow you some fun, this one is perfect. The dimensions ares: 21 inches wide x 21 inches height. it is also light enough to move around if you have to. It only weighs 33 pounds. Not to mentioned that was the easiest thing to put together and the price point is unbeatable for what you get. In case you are looking for a bigger one, Teamson has a similar one that measures 30 inches and it is also wood burning. And don’t forget to use code RUSTICMODERNLIVING20 for 20% off your entire order.

It has been five years since we moved to this house and I’m happy to say that we finally have a fun outdoor space to hang out and host our family and friends. No doubt that our fire pit will be the focal point of any gatherings we have. It’s been couple weeks since it arrived, and we realized that we will have to stock up on wood logs because it’s our favorite thing to do every night now! Ahh…and the house smells amazing. Who doesn’t like the smell of real wood burning? I am glad we decided to go with a wood-burning fire pit versus the gas one. It is a lot more fun and it makes you feel that you are someplace else in the woods. The only thing I would say is that if you decide to buy the 21 inches one, make sure your wood logs fit inside the bowl. Ours were pretty long and caused some burning around the edge of the rim.

Summer is still yet to come and we already made some fun memories around the fire pit and I just can’t wait for more! 

I hope you enjoy this blog post, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. As we are now getting out of a pandemic year, I just hope we can all have a fantastic summer with lots of great moments ahead of us!


Teamson outdoor fire pit


Concrete wood-burning fire pit — My Rustic Modern Living

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