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Blog Office Reveal | Featuring Versanora

YOU GUYS. I am so incredibly excited about this blog post because today is the day I get to share a big secret with you! Over the past few weeks I have been working with Versanora to makeover my office.

I guess you could call this the perfect gift to myself this holiday season. This new furniture is exactly what I needed for the new year. Everything I found from Versanora was just the right size, super functional and so cute.


Versanora is a part of the Teamson family and they specialize in modern furniture designed to fit your unique lifestyle. Teamson has honestly become one of my favorite one-stop-shops for interior design and home lighting. They have so much variety and so many cute pieces to complete your home with.

My office has never felt more put together in MY LIFE. I honestly feel so much more inspired to sit down and get my work done. It gives me all the creative vibes to get going.

My office space is also much more functional now. Versanora has lots of good choices for home organization and with this new furniture, everything has its place.

My desk is actually the Minimalista Glass Dining Table. I am obsessed with this table! I chose to use this as my desk so that I could have a bigger working space and it is PERFECT. It’s really solid, spacious and looks so good in the space.

I use the Pulire Storage Stand to hold my printer, a couple of bins with cords and office supplies and then of course some cute design elements. This stand was the perfect size for the space that I had in mind for it and it holds everything that I need right by my desk.

The Marmo Large 5-Tier Display Shelf is probably one my favorite pieces. It fills the space so well and displays design elements in the best way. I had so many cute knick knacks that didn’t really have a place before, but this shelf solved that and I love how it all looks together.


The Creativo Stylish TV Stand is another piece that was the perfect fit for my space. I’m obsessed with its natural solid wood legs. Versanora offers quite a few pieces with these natural finish legs which I love because they are so in right now and they all work together to complete the room.

Last but definitely not least is my Divano Armchair in gray. This chair is ideal for literally any space. I really wanted a luxurious office chair that I could actually crawl up in and work from all day and you guys, this is it. It’s the perfect size and it’s really cozy.I could not be happier with how my office turned out!

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