Holiday Activities for the Family

Looking for ways to entertain the entire family this holiday season? Try some of these for inspiration and maybe you’ll start a new holiday tradition this year.

Whether it is stringing up Hanukkah lights or Christmas bulbs, decorating is usually the first sign that the holidays are upon us. Let your little ones join in the fun by giving them their own decorations to put up in their bedrooms. You might be surprised what they come up with.

Kids Decorating

Yumm, waking up to the smell of warm pancakes and maple syrup sounds like a great way to start anyone’s day. Baking teaches children so many useful skills including following directions, mathematics through measuring, and inspiring creativity. It also helps kids relax and awaken their sense of smell, touch and taste. You too might even try your artistic skills by attempting snowman-shaped pancakes or this new pancake recipe with spices. 

Kids Baking

Nothing brings to life the magic of the season like reading a favorite holiday book – for you, and your little ones. Put your holiday books away when the season is over, and your kids will look forward to pulling out their “special” collection each year.

Kids Reading 

Get outside and take a walk in the falling snow, or stroll through the neighborhood to spot the best decorated house. Either way, the fresh air and exercise offers countless benefits to everyone’s health.

Family Walking 

Have a pajama game night! Dress in your favorite winter pajamas, turn on the fireplace and spread a warm blanket out while you gather around to play a game. Pick one from the bottom of the shelf that you haven’t played in a long time. 

Family Game night

Sit down to some cookies and hot chocolate, but don’t forget your crayons and color pencils! Coloring is a great way for little ones to express themselves and reduce stress at the same time. Join your kids and imagine a world of color with these downloadable holiday coloring sheets.  Show us your proud child’s piece of art with #designhappy.

Kids Coloring

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