Gift Guide For Kids: Ages 0-2

Some people are natural born gift-givers. They always seem to know exactly how to pick out the most perfect, thoughtful gifts.  And some people… just have no clue. For those of us who are less gifted (see what we did there) we’ve pulled together the ultimate gift giving guide for those little ones in your life who are 2 years and younger!

We love the idea of breaking up your holiday list into 4 sections: 1. Something They Want, 2. Something They Need, 3. Something to Wear and 4. Something To Read. Not only does this help you put a framework around your list, but it also allows you to spend your money wisely on things they want and need. Below we’ve listed our top recommendations for children in the 0-2 age range.

We hope this guide gives you some food for thought!

Ages 0-2


Kids of all ages love a place that they can call their own. Tents provide a magical hideaway for your little ones and look super cute in your playroom or nursery. This one from Teamson Kids is easy to put up and take down- so you can take down when you need more space, or leave it up for daily play!


We love toys that are fun to play with but also provide your little ones with cognitive development. Stacking/nesting cups help to develop fine motor skills, learning colors and special perception! For $4 on Amazon, you really can’t go wrong!


Everyone loves new pajamas, even babies! We are loving these basics from Primary. Not only are they well made, but they’re super affordable.


SOMETHING TO READ: The Book with No Pictures

A book with no pictures?! We love how this book helps prompt a little silly time before bed.

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