Father's Day 2020

When I think of past Father’s Days with my dad, I think of the little gifts that I used to give him in elementary school. A paper cut-out of a necktie, a small gift from a school craft fair, a homemade baked treat…  as I grew older, I found myself buying a gift online or meeting him for lunch with my brother. Father’s Day is right around the corner on June 21st, which also happens to be the first day of summer. As America starts to reopen, many of us are still playing it safe, while others will enjoy outdoor dining options (finally, restaurants!), parks, and beaches.  No matter how you choose to spend the day, I think we all know that no gift could amount to spending valuable time with your dad- even if it means a video call or a “social distancing” gathering. Quality time with dad will always be the most meaningful gift.  Whether it’s your step-dad, uncle, grandfather, father figure, godfather or friend, these men deserve a day to be recognized and appreciated. In their honor, I decided to put together a list of ways to make this year’s Father’s Day one your pops won’t forget. 

 For the New Daddy – It’s their first Father’s Day, and undoubtedly a very special day for them. Get the “new dad” in your life something to help him remember this milestone. A personalized picture frame with a recent photo is a great option, and you can do the personalization yourself! Wooden picture frames can be painted, stamped and decorated with his favorite colors and symbols.  The end result?  A unique and thoughtful gift that he can display at work, in the office, or bedside. 

 For the Dad of Young Children- Make his day special by encouraging the little ones to get creative. Simple things like a homemade card go a long way.  Treat him to a special meal by creating a restaurant at home.  The kids can create a special menu with options for him to choose from, and then pretend to be the waiter or waitress. Although they can’t cook yet, they can pretend to make something using their big imaginations. It’s the thought (and quality time) that counts! 

For the Father who has everything—This is always my dilemma. What do you get the dad who has everything he needs?  I wouldn’t say my father has everything, but he just doesn’t want much.   It’s easy to plan quality time but I like to take it a step further by offering specific help or plans.  For example, my dad loves to garden, so I have offered help with his garden in the past, which has always been a hit.  I’m actually doing it again this year! After some clean up and planting, a garden décor gift is a really nice gesture.   Garden fountains and birdbaths are both great items to surprise him with.  Another winning idea for the dad who has everything is to share your favorite book with him, especially if it has meaning. Even if your dad is not much of a reader- there are some great coffee table books that you can find of his favorite artist, city, historical figure, musician, etc. 

For the Techie Dad—Does your dad always have the latest technology? If so, I recommend searching the web for upgrades to his favorite devices. Smartphone fanatics will be happy with wireless earphones or a smartwatch. Portable chargers, wireless charging docks, luxe smartwatch bands, and Bluetooth speakers are also great options. Another great idea for 2020 is UV Portable Sanitizers, which sterilize your phone and other personal items, like keys, jewelry, eyeglasses, remotes, cash and earbuds—things you don't usually think about sanitizing.

For the Fur Dad—If you know, you know. Pet parents are parents too! A real fun way to celebrate is by writing a greeting card to dad from the pet’s perspective. Make it silly by using your non-dominant hand for a sloppy handwriting, and think of things his pet would say if only he could talk. A nice furniture piece that doubles as a crate or litter box is an idea if you are looking to spend on a nicer gift. My brother (a dog dad) has been eyeing our Wooden Dog Crate in Espresso finish, but he’s going to have to wait until his birthday.

For the Active Dad—A lot of dads are really missing the gym at the moment, and some might not be ready to go back right away.  A great way to spend quality time with your dad right now is to go on a hike, or even just a nice jog or stroll at your local park.  Get creative and think of ways to make the day memorable.  Take out your phone and get some photos of your day, or go bird-watching and research the ones that you don’t recognize.  If you’re not able to spend quality time, you could help him set up an at-home gym by sending a gift. Some of my favorites for the active dad include Stainless Steel Thermoses, which can be personalized using vinyl stickers for a thoughtful touch.  Some other great giftable items are ankle weights, activewear, resistance bands, foam rollers and personal massage guns. 

I hope this list was helpful and that all the dads out there are able to spend quality time with the people they love the most. Dads ROCK!

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