All the Details About Sophia's Doll Collections!

Hello, fellow doll enthusiasts! Now that we’re fully a part of the Teamson Kids family, we at Sophia’s have decided to showcase our two separate doll collections, explain the differences, similarities, and celebrate the evolution of one of the world’s oldest, most beloved toys.


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Sophia's Dolls

Sophia’s has two distinct doll collections, each with four different dolls to choose from. There’s our Modern Girl Collection, our higher-end line of 18-inch soft-body dolls, and Everyday Friends Dolls, our high-quality yet budget-friendly line of all-vinyl 18-inch dolls.

 Sophia's Modern DollSophia's Everyday Friend

All of Sophia’s dolls, regardless of collection, come fully dressed in clothing, underwear, and shoes, have French manicures on their finger and toenails, subtle blushed cheeks, glossy lips, luxuriously long eyelashes, a turning head, and a posable body. You can rest assured that whichever line you choose to purchase from, you’re going to get an adorable doll!  

Sophia's Doll ClothesOur Modern Girl Doll Collection has four dolls to choose from: Sophia, Catherine, Carly, and Julia, all standing on their own at 18 inches tall. Each one comes with a completely different outfit from each other that highlights their unique personalities. Additionally, they all have soft “huggable” torsos that provide the best fit for most 18” doll clothing, regardless of the brand! Modern Girl Dolls also have the classic “blinking” eyes that shut when they’re laid down on their backs and wigged hair, allowing for a bit more volume. 

Sophia's Modern Dolls

While designed to be more budget-minded, our Everyday Friends dolls are no less cute than our Modern Girl Dolls! You can choose between Chloe, Miley, Hailey, and Brooklyn, who all come dressed in matching dresses in different colors that best suit their skin tone and hair color. Their gorgeously detailed eyes always stay open, and their lush hair is rooted. With fully vinyl bodies, most 18” doll clothes fit them just fine, but may have a bit of a looser look.

Sophia Everyday Dolls

Be sure to tag us with your dolls on social media, we’d love to see them! Make sure to use our hashtag #designhappy and tag @teamson! 



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