5 Tips on How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

Creating an elegant home does not have to be extravagant. 


In fact, introducing elegance into your home can look like a variety of things. From eye catching and chic to warm and welcoming, elegance can be infused into any home design or style to elevate its sophistication and depth. In fact, elegance can do more than heighten visual appeal and can help to create a space that welcomes elegant experiences. 


If you aren’t quite sure what an elegant experience looks like, imagine this: 


A bathroom isn’t the place where you use the toilet, wash your hair, and brush your teeth, rather, it is the refreshing space that calmly wakes you up in the morning, encourages self love and care, and helps you wind down at the end of a hectic day. It is the space that makes you feel golden and revitalized; the room that you want to both spend all of your solo time in and show off to your guests.


If your bathroom sounds something like the first visual, it may be time to change things up! Check out the following tips and tricks on how to turn your bathroom into the elegant spa of your dreams. 


Soft Light & Aromas

Adding candles or incense may be the easiest way to transform your basic bathroom into a relaxing and welcoming space. While candles will introduce soft hints of fragrance and a bright, yet cozy flame, burning incense will turn your bathroom into an aromatic oasis that you will never want to leave.



Plants. Plants. More Plants. If you are a fan of the lush jungle look, chances are you already have flourishing plants scattered throughout your bathroom. However, if this is totally new to you, introducing a beautiful and easy care plant to your bathroom is the hassle-free way to start your plant parent journey. Adding a sprinkle of green can bring life into a space (literary) and can help create the natural and refreshing atmosphere that you are looking for. And for those of you looking for the full at-home spa experience, tie a bundle of eucalyptus to your showerhead to transform your shower into a steamy paradise. 


Large-Scale Lighting

It is time to ditch the basic lighting fixtures that barely do the job. If you are looking to take your bathroom to the next level, installing large-scale lighting will bring a brilliant wave of warm light to your bathroom, along with elevating the visual aesthetic of the space.


Big Mirrors 

Changing out a mirror can do wonders. Seriously. While finding the perfect size and frame for your bathroom is transformational on its own, it is important to note that mirrors reflect any natural light that is brought into your space through windows or skylights. In other words, the more mirror there is, the more natural light that will bounce around and magnify your bathroom.


Fresh Cabinets & Shelving Units

Vanities and any pieces of furniture with cabinetry are the center of attention in any bathroom. To truly transform your bathroom into a spa, it is essential that you have cabinets and shelving units that are clean and chic. Going with a solid white or a solid black will bring this look with ease, and will give you the freedom to play around with a variety of bathroom rugs, shower/window curtains and towels.

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