5 Phenomenal Gifts Ideas For the Proactive Holiday Shopper in You

As October wraps up and winter begins to sneak up on us, the holiday season is inevitably not far behind.


For some, the holidays are the most joy-filled time of the year. For others, they are daunting and something that is actively avoided until December rolls around. If you are familiar with the looming presence of the holiday season, a simple solution to all the stress and dread is to be proactive. 


If you have had a hard time in the past being proactive with gift shopping, know that doing so will be transformational to your holiday season. An early start gives you adequate time to organically shop for your loved ones and ensures not only that the gifts you pick are perfect, but that you have a positive and stress free experience selecting them!


If you have kids, you know that the list of toys that they hope to one day unwrap is in development throughout the year. The doll house that they dream about and the play kitchen that they can’t wait to “cook” in are toys that have been on their minds for some time, maybe even tracing back to the previous holiday season. 


With that said, if you have an idea of what your ambitious, doll-toting, princess-loving champion will put on their list for Santa or what they will be captivated by in the store, be proactive and explore options early on. When you find the perfect gift, even if you do so two months in advance, buy it! The most desired toys will move quickly and may not be there when you return to the website or store in December. 


However, the nature of this holiday season may keep you from doing much of your shopping in person and instead, will point you to the internet to find all of the items that you plan to gift this year. With an overwhelming amount of options for toys and games online, you may appreciate some direction this holiday season. Check out a few phenomenal gift ideas below and be sure to get them before they are gone! 


For the Little Baker: 

Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit with the My Dream Bakery Shop Dessert Stand! The charming blue and white stand features multiple shelves to showcase your kiddo's delicious bakes and a sweetly designed rolling cart to deliver all kinds of  treats. An included chalkboard is the perfect spot for your bold baker to write the day's special and an eye-catching awning is the best way to keep sweet treats safe from the hot sun.


For the Princess:

This Princess Pumpkin Carriage with Closet and Dress is the best gift choice for your little one. With an elegant dress, matching gloves, and tiara, it will transform any 18” doll into a princess. The carriage comes on 4 smooth-rolling wheels to ensure that your little one can easily transport their little friend around with them, adding a sense of magic to their princess companionship.


For the Doll Companion: 

Tend to all doll needs with Olivia’s Classic Doll Changing Station Dollhouse, a delightful garden-themed nursery that includes a changing table, sink, highchair, and crib. With cozy touches, like a pink mobile, windows with charming shutters, and sweet, detailed decor your companion will be cared for and comfortable. Easily store doll clothes and accessories in the convenient and spacious storage areas in both the front and back of the dollhouse.


For the Role-Playing Rockstar: 

Watch as your child delves into the world of role-play as they take on the fun role of a cashier with Cashier Austin Play Market Stand . Your kiddo will love swiping customer’s food and handing out change, all the while they develop communication skills and an understanding of money. Crafted from high-quality wood to ensure children are extremely durable and sturdy making it the perfect addition to your little one’s playroom.

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