10 Activities Your Little One Can Do with Their Doll!

Girl with Sophia Doll

Play never looked this good, and this smart.

Looking for ways to entertain your little one while you work from home or as the weather gets colder? A doll is a great companion - doll-play encourages children to develop their social and motor skills and foster their imagination while offering simple traditional play.


  • Slumber Party! Your little one will love the idea of a sleepover with their doll or stuffed animal, night after night. Imagine dressing their doll in pajamas and adorable bunny slippers as they prepare for bedtime stories. Does your little one favor their stuffed animal over dolls? Our beds are perfect for doll and plush friends alike! We offer a high-end wooden cradle- perfect for rocking, a plush pull-out sofa bed, and a trundle for the child who is lucky enough to have multiple dolls or plush friends.
  • Bath Time! Your little one will delight in using their imagination to pamper their doll. Our complete bathtub set includes all the accessories your little one needs for bath time fun including a tub with a handheld shower head, terry robe, shower cap, soaps and bath sponge.
  • Adopt A Pet! Who wouldn’t want a new furry friend?! Our World of Pets series includes several cats and dogs looking for a new home. The soft plush pets are sized for 18 inch dolls and includes everything a doll would need to sleep, play, walk or feed their puppy or kitten. A carrier case is included so this furry friend can come along on car rides and playdates.
  • Baking Fun! Your little one can bake with you, while their doll bakes along with them. Measure out the ingredients, mix and stir, then feed your doll’s sweat tooth with freshly baked cookies or cupcakes!
  • Snow Day! All kids love a snow day, and with snow accessories for their dolls, kids can have a snow day, any day! Pick from an accessory set with vest, mittens and a snow tube, or a beautiful print parka set with furry boots and polar bear hat for your little one’s doll who loves a day in the snow.
  • Out for a Picnic! There is nothing better than a day outside to enhance the five senses. The changing seasons offer beautiful colors to view, new smells, and maybe a cooler breeze to feel while you listen to the wildlife. So have your little one grab their doll and picnic set and head outdoors to enjoy a delicious afternoon snack in the park.
  • Tea for Two, or Four! A tea party is everyone’s favorite pastime. These realistically detailed cupcakes, petit fours and cake are decadent treats that your little one will remember too. A table for four has been set -with teacups, saucers, paper napkins, even a table runner - and all your little one’s dolls and plush friends are invited!
  • To the Moon! Encourage your little one to reach for the stars. Teach children they can become anything they set their mind to – an astronaut, veterinarian, paleontologist – anything! Our STEM inspired playsets are licensed with The Smithsonian and perfect for any child with an interest in science.
  • A Day at the Beach! Warmer weather may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean your little one can’t relive sunnier days. Two dolls can head to the shore in the beach cruiser, and pack their surf shirt, bikini, beach ball and body board in the trunk for the perfect day in the sand.
  • Travel the World Your little one will enjoy packing up their dolly’s things for a trip abroad. Don’t forget their passport and essentials for the long plane ride, like an eye mask, neck pillow, water bottle and tablet. Our colorful owl-themed travel set is perfect for the adventure seeking child looking to show their doll the world.


Sophia's by Teamson Kids brings to life the magic friendship between a child and their doll. Your little one can relive their favorite memories made with you through role playing with their dolls. With so much to explore, your child’s world of make-believe just got a whole lot bigger.

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