Our Promise

Commitment To Quality

At Teamson, we promise to stay committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality along with the best craftsmanship. Through continuous innovation and creative design we aim to create products that fit your unique lifestyle.

Test For Everything

While we test products for expected use, that means each piece is ready to stand up to anything you can imagine. We go beyond standard product tests by conducting extensive drop tests. This ensures all of our products are able to withstand anything you put them through.

Meet & Exceed

Not only do we work to meet federal standards, we strive to exceed them. After all, safety is a top priority.

Annual Checkups

Sure, we test all of our newest products. But we also give our existing assortment an annual checkup to make sure they continue to live up to our safety and quality standards.

Commitment To Quality

We work with independent auditors to make sure the artisans and workers creating our products receive livable wages and healthy, safe working conditions.