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  1. In need of a new floor lamp for your home that will leave a lasting impression? The Quincy Floor Lamp is a step above the rest in terms of fashion and durability. The base is a luxurious white marble and the lamp is made from a combination of white finish
    Quincy Floor Lamp with White Marble Base - Whi...
    Sale Price $86.99 Regular Price $102.00
  2. Aaron Floor Lamp - Black
    Aaron Floor Lamp - Black
    Sale Price $99.99 Regular Price $118.00
  3. Aaron Floor Lamp - White
    Aaron Floor Lamp - White
    Sale Price $119.99 Regular Price $142.00
  4. The Monopiede Floor Lamp offers a versatile lighting solution that can adapt to your needs. With a solid brass base, and adjustable black lamp head, this lamp can direct light to where you need it. The simple, no-frills design of the Monopiede floor lamp
    Monopiede Monopod Floor Lamp - Black and Gold
    Sale Price $74.99 Regular Price $89.00
  5. Harper Floor Lamp - Black and Antique Brass
    Harper Floor Lamp - Black and Antique Brass
    Sale Price $124.99 Regular Price $148.00
    Out of stock
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