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Delicata Monopod Floor Lamps - Black/Gold

By Versanora



Now in stock!
  • Description
  • Features
  • Full Specs
  • Brand Story
How much thought did you put into the last floor lamp you purchased? In all likelihood, the answer is “very little.” That’s because you, like most people, probably view a floor lamp as merely a functional fixture. But shouldn’t even the most functional item in your home still complement your style and taste? The Delicata floor lamp provides simple functionality and delicate style to any room. The sleek, thin stand is made of black-brushed metal, and features a unique A-frame design that sets it apart from other floor lamps. Gold metal accents at the joint of the stand and at the base of the lamp head provide just a touch of decadence—lending style without overstating the piece’s beauty. The clean lines and simplicity of this floor lamp draw on modern inspirations of the late 20th century, mimicking the designs of postmodern artists and architects. Place it in any room in your home for a beautiful and unique way to add that extra illumination to your space.
  • Included LED 5W blub
  • This multifunctional floor lamp provides direct, lighting making it perfect for home offices, living rooms, and bed rooms.
  • Electrical accessories are UL certified
  • Estimated assembly time:25 mins.
  • Packaged with step-by-step assembly instructions.
  • Dimensions

    15 x 14 x 51 in.

  • Weight

    7.48 lbs

  • Materials


  • Assembly

    Some Assembly Required