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Bloccare Office Desk - Walnut/Black

By Versanora



Now in stock!
  • Description
  • Features
  • Full Specs
  • Brand Story

Today’s modern lifestyle has more and more people working from home. Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or you telecommute for your job, it’s becoming essential to have a dedicated workspace at home. The Bloccare office desk is designed for those who need a sensible, modern solution for their home office, but who have an appreciation for retro style. The simple, no-frills design gives you a large surface to work on, with a fine walnut finish. One end of the desk is supported by black, geometric shelves that reinvent postmodern designs and give you easy access to your books and supplies. The six solid wood legs provide support and stability as you work, study, and create. The geometric design of this desk calls on classic shapes and inspirations, while maintaining its own modern style. Whether you’re studying for an exam, meeting a deadline, balancing your business’s books, or assembling a scrapbook, the Bloccare office desk gives you the space, organization, and style you need.

  • Eco-friendly PB with Walnut veneer
  • Solid wood leg with Gold ring two tone finish
  • Big work space on top
  • Bookcase
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dimensions

    47.25x23.50x29.50 in.

  • Weight

    18.86 lbs

  • Materials

    MDF, Solid wood

  • Assembly

    Some Assembly Required