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Minimalista Fabric Set Of 2 Chairs - Light Grey

By Versanora



Now in stock!
  • Description
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  • Brand Story
Add some color and modern feel to your living space with the Versanora Minimalista Fabric Set of 2 Chairs in Light Grey. The beautiful and minimalistic design reflects – in its simplicity – a mixture between the past and the present. Its lines and curves converge to an iconic look that will add that cool and trendy look to your dining area. But why just being content and placing them in your dining room? These chairs are as versatile as they are space saving. Sleek and slim pieces are put together to offer that “it” look. Dare to try more and different than others. Find that spot and make it look amazing. This set of chairs is bound with a light grey fabric, supported by a bent wood casing and strong sturdy legs made of metal, but beautifully finished in a wood-alike look to add that vintage feel. Mix and match with our industrial looking Versanora Minimalista table to cast a studious appeal to your living space. Introduce this trendy set of chairs to your home décor to spruce up your space. Less is more when it comes to the Minimalista set of two chairs.
  • Seat height:18.75"H
  • Nicely finished lime green fabric upholstery
  • Wood grain finish metal legs. Strengthened metal base structure
  • Assembly in only 15 minutes. Screw driver needed (Not included)
  • Beautiful vintage look to achieve a classic or eclectic effect in your room space
  • Dimensions

    17.75x19x34.5 in.

  • Weight

    9.86 lbs

  • Materials

    Bentwood / Fabric / Metal

  • Assembly

    Some Assembly Required