Esposti Pendant Lamp - Gold

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The Esposti Pendant Light combines the simple functionality of a lamp with all of the beauty of a modern sculpture. The exposed bulb in the pendant light is encased in a beautiful brass, geometric casing. The design of the brass framing offers a new perspective from every angle, making this lighting fixture a work of art. Whether these pendant lights are hanging above your dining table, kitchen island or bathroom vanity, they will bathe your home in both light and beauty. Add a few Esposti Pendant Lights for your home in an instant, dramatic change in the look and feel of your space. They are easy to install and make the perfect upgrade for any contemporary home.
  • Bulb is caged within a geometric brass casing.
  • LED 7 Watt bulb included.
  • UL Certified.
  • Made from high quality material provide durability and longevity.
  • Easy to install.